Silk fabric is not a silky fabric!


     First  I would like to welcome everybody to my blog. Welcome!


    In this first post I want to talk about silk. This is because a lot of my dresses are manufactured with silk fabric and I so often meet people that think silk fabric is  any silky smooth fabric..

Some people even think, or state  (shops, manufacturers), that EVERY silky fabric is called silk and the only difference is if it's natural or artificial !Cheeky!

   So NO! Silk is not a fabric, it's a fibre. And from that fibre you make different types of yarn that through weaving is turned into various type of fabrics that  vary by texture (texture is given by the weaving technique used), thickness, transparence etc.

    The most commonly used silk fabrics are: silk chiffon, silk muslin, silk satin, silk organza.

   My favourite at the moment is the silk organza fabric. It has personality, it can create fantastic shapes and be delicate and diaphanous at the same time. It allows you to play with transparencies, volume and colour. Right now I am completely smitten by it! You can see one of my silk organza designs in the picture above and many more in the Black Tulip collection.


   A great book that can clarify the mystery of fibres, yarns, weaving and fabrics is:


Fabric for Fashion: The Swatch Book by Clive Hallett, Amanda Johnston .


    I have found the book in a big library in Berlin that specialised in arts at £75 but you can buy it from at £35.

         I like the fact that they show you small samples of fabric. For example you get 21 samples of silk fabric that are completely different. From the raw natural silk fabric that looks more rough than your shopping bag, to the translucent delicate muslin . Or they show you 4 types of satin fabric made from 4 different fibers.

     Its good to know that silk is not only a delicate good looking fabric but it can protect your body from cold and keeps the heat in by letting the skin breath. You can wear a silk scarf or shirt in the winter and you will not feel cold (but stylish) or a silk dress in the summer and you will not sweat. That’s why I’ve designed a line of silk shirts and scarfs in radiant beautiful colours that will be available soon in the online shop. Till then you can find them at my showroom and selected stores so you can protect your skin, let it breath and feel fabulous.






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Silk fabric is not a silky fabric!

May 1, 2013

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